Janathon day 16 & 17

Day 16
Busy day at work today so afraid I didn’t do any exercise but made up for it the next day..

Day 17
Got up at 5.30 am to start our weekly late group run at 7.30 am. I hate these early starts but I know it’s good for me! Felt like a bad start as had to walk up the massive killer hill. At that point I wanted to go off on my own as I know I’m so much slower than the group but once we were on the flat I wasn’t too far behind the others.

It was a red dawn this morning and watching the light on the branches made it all worth while. Then it started snowing and was just perfect. I’ve never seen snow and a red sun at the same time before. This is why I love trail running.

On the way back got to the car and was 10 mins short. Didn’t have any of the coaches there to shout at me to keep going but continued nevertheless so got my 2 hours in with 11.8 miles done.image


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