January healthy living month (formerly Sara’s janathon blog) 12, 13,14

Day 12

Ok so I’ve now officially failed janathon. Mon night I attempted core exercises and it was painful to do anything as I’ve strained my stomach muscles. So I took a night off.

Day 13

Tuesday night went to the late group and did a timed mile. Julie and Steve organised chip timing for us which was fun. Managed to do 7 m 38 for a mile which I was pleased with as it works out at my target marathon pace.

Day 14

It’s 9 o’clock and I’ve done no exercise again so doubtful I will do any ( I walked from my car into the office and back if that counts?). No proper excuse I’m just tired from work etc…and I like sitting on the sofa with my cats.

Decided to give up janathon/readjust my goals (see the new rebranding of the blog posts, in local govt this would probably be referred to a ‘reprofiling’ exercise and nothing to do with me simply failing to meet my target).

I’m still committed to dry January and my marathon training which includes going to all mklr late group sessions. These running sessions always push me every time as I’m the slowest runner and i really value my rest days to relax. I may keep up this blog just until end of jan though as it will help me to reach my remaining targets. 10 miles tomorrow!


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