Janathon – Day 10

Today was a proper exercise day. Went to the woods with the late group and was definately very tough. Started as usual from Bow Brickhill station and then ran up a killer massive hill into the woods. Generally on these runs I’m at the back but today was particularly hard as it was my first long run back with the late group for a couple of months really. The conditions were interesting–strong winds and heavy ran for the second half of the run. Luckily Dave had bought me this amazing lightweight minamilist waterproof running jacket so gave me an opportunity to try it out.

It was pretty muddy conditions and also managed to fall over twice so have a few bruises. Did 12 miles in 2 h 11 which is slow but with the weather and hills was pleased with that.

At the end of the run I couldn’t breath properly, just for a minute, but only has happened a few times on races/long runs so definetly an indicator that I made an effort. Got home, had a nice bath and then went straight to sleep for 2 hours as well!

Really enjoyed the run and would never have run half as fast on my own so thank you for all the support from MKLR late group.

10912510_10155085539775111_355949965_o 10897764_10155067361010092_2291909730204857320_n


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