Janathon day 17

Managed to do full 45 min workout and core set today and 30 mins on the exercise bike.


Janathon day 16 & 17

Day 16
Busy day at work today so afraid I didn’t do any exercise but made up for it the next day..

Day 17
Got up at 5.30 am to start our weekly late group run at 7.30 am. I hate these early starts but I know it’s good for me! Felt like a bad start as had to walk up the massive killer hill. At that point I wanted to go off on my own as I know I’m so much slower than the group but once we were on the flat I wasn’t too far behind the others.

It was a red dawn this morning and watching the light on the branches made it all worth while. Then it started snowing and was just perfect. I’ve never seen snow and a red sun at the same time before. This is why I love trail running.

On the way back got to the car and was 10 mins short. Didn’t have any of the coaches there to shout at me to keep going but continued nevertheless so got my 2 hours in with 11.8 miles done.image

Janathon – day 15

Nearly didn’t want to leave the sofa tonight but made the effort much to the disappointment of my two cats. Went out for a tempo session with the club. Forgot my watch so not sure what I did but over 8 miles and maybe around 9 to 9m 30 pace. Managed to just about keep up with a few people tonight so went well and I quite liked not having a watch as I just relaxed into it and forgot about the time. Only hard part was running through my estate as was very tempting just to give up and go home.

January healthy living month (formerly Sara’s janathon blog) 12, 13,14

Day 12

Ok so I’ve now officially failed janathon. Mon night I attempted core exercises and it was painful to do anything as I’ve strained my stomach muscles. So I took a night off.

Day 13

Tuesday night went to the late group and did a timed mile. Julie and Steve organised chip timing for us which was fun. Managed to do 7 m 38 for a mile which I was pleased with as it works out at my target marathon pace.

Day 14

It’s 9 o’clock and I’ve done no exercise again so doubtful I will do any ( I walked from my car into the office and back if that counts?). No proper excuse I’m just tired from work etc…and I like sitting on the sofa with my cats.

Decided to give up janathon/readjust my goals (see the new rebranding of the blog posts, in local govt this would probably be referred to a ‘reprofiling’ exercise and nothing to do with me simply failing to meet my target).

I’m still committed to dry January and my marathon training which includes going to all mklr late group sessions. These running sessions always push me every time as I’m the slowest runner and i really value my rest days to relax. I may keep up this blog just until end of jan though as it will help me to reach my remaining targets. 10 miles tomorrow!

Janathon – day 11

Today I went out for a bike ride with dave which lasted approx 15 mins! Basically I spent ages adjusting the breaks on dave’s bike and then went out with cheap wholly gloves. My fingers were frozen and I just wanted to come home. After that failed attempt at exercise then went to the woods and did a decent 5.5 mile or so circuit which was nice. Did 30 mins workout as well so a good exercise day.

Janathon – Day 10

Today was a proper exercise day. Went to the woods with the late group and was definately very tough. Started as usual from Bow Brickhill station and then ran up a killer massive hill into the woods. Generally on these runs I’m at the back but today was particularly hard as it was my first long run back with the late group for a couple of months really. The conditions were interesting–strong winds and heavy ran for the second half of the run. Luckily Dave had bought me this amazing lightweight minamilist waterproof running jacket so gave me an opportunity to try it out.

It was pretty muddy conditions and also managed to fall over twice so have a few bruises. Did 12 miles in 2 h 11 which is slow but with the weather and hills was pleased with that.

At the end of the run I couldn’t breath properly, just for a minute, but only has happened a few times on races/long runs so definetly an indicator that I made an effort. Got home, had a nice bath and then went straight to sleep for 2 hours as well!

Really enjoyed the run and would never have run half as fast on my own so thank you for all the support from MKLR late group.

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Janathon Days 8 & 9

This is a late post but did manage 30 mins of doing a workout on both days. Nothing eventful to report, basically was just very tired with the combination of being back at work and doing exercise every day. The good thing was though that the desire for a nice glass of dry white wine in the evening completely disappeared after I got into the workout, as then all i could think about was sleep!

Janathon – day 6

Did 30 mins of core training after work. Thankfully there was a video to remind me of the moves. Then went to mklr late group. First night back with the late group since nov. Sprint training at the lorry park. It’s seriously hard! Nice to see everyone again. Hope I sleep well tonight.

Janathon – day 5

Feeling too tired to write much. Back to work and been blowing my nose all day. Decided to sign up for a personal training group with actually no real idea on what I was signing up for and had the first session tonight. Discovered that I can’t even do a single proper sit up. When I’ve done this before I’ve lifted my feet off the ground or used my legs which apparently doesn’t count. Anyway good to try something new and even if I just end up a little more flexible that would be good.

Here’s a pic of me with Brigid & Jen from my running club.

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